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Neighborhood Solidarity Partner


Derek Laney is a dedicated and doting father and passionate community organizer with a strong background in social services. 

He served as the Executive Director of Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), where he led campaigns for police and court reform, and locally and regionally building alternative economics. While at MORE Derek was a lead and one of a handful of original organizers for the national Fed Up Campaign, working to reform the Federal Reserve Banking system. This campaign led working class people to meet with the Fed Chair, the Board of Governors and members of Congress to significantly influence Fed monetary policy and diversity practices.

During the Ferguson Rebellion, Derek played a prominent role in organizing artists for impactful art actions, such as #ChalkedUnarmed, the Mirrored Coffin, and the St. Louis Symphony Requiem for Mike Brown. Art has the power to challenge conventions and inspire change, and he’s proud of his contributions. As a local activist, he’s been an active supporter of environmental causes, initiatives to combat homelessness, and efforts to enhance public safety.

Additionally, Derek has worked as a life coach, guiding individuals through life’s challenges and transitions. Derek lives in the Holly Hills neighborhood with his teenage daughter and their cat.


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Email : dlaney@investstl.org