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Invest STL offers our 2021 reflection from a place of gratitude and growth. We have come a long way as we set the tone for the journey ahead. 2021 presented our growing team and vision with the opportunity to look inward and cultivate our organizational place and personality within this story that we share with St. Louis and all her residents. We have been refining our identity, dialing in our purpose, carefully considering how we will go about this journey toward a St. Louis where every neighborhood is a chosen place to live, raise children and grow old. This is our vision and the touchstone for our newly developed Theory of Change, which gathers all of those internal efforts and systematically lays out our path forward. We will share some more elements from our TOC here, including our mission + guiding principles, which help keep us in stride as we step into our newly defined way of being. Download the Reflections On 2021.pdf to get the whole story.