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Collaboration Support Partner

Lorin is a lively and compassionate community advocate whose mission is creating access to new paradigms for better life. She stimulates imagination to help people envision stronger, safer, more vibrant communities. As a native of St. Louis, MO she hopes to see the city wake up to its potential. Through minority advocacy in the building industry in Chicago, she established a strong network and toolkit of experiences that inform neighborhood planning processes, programming, and youth engagement.

At heart, Lorin is an artist and designer and earned a BFA from Columbia College Chicago in Interior Architecture. Her educational interests since are varied and include data analytics and pre-colonial African history, culture, and architecture. The same way she used systems and information to transform interior space, she is cultivating ways to inspire and transform communities.

What makes Lorin human is vocal performance, dancing, cooking and eating good food, connecting with people, and fashion. Lorin is an NCIDQ certified Interior Designer and aspiring yoga instructor and soccer fan for the way it unites the world.

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Email : LJackson@investstl.org