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Small Dollars

Thank you for submitting your application for the Small Dollars Action Fund (SDAF). 

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your responses. If you would like to review your responses, you can log back into Submittable to review or request to edit your application. Edits can only be made during the application period. To learn how to access your application again or request edits, review the Submittable Submitter Guide.

Summer SDAF Application Cycle

April 11, 2024 – May 16, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to apply?

To complete the application you will need information about your group, your activity, and an activity budget. Your budget will need to be uploaded or emailed as a separate document. You can view the full application here to prepare yourself and know what to expect, or fill it in and email it to us with your supporting documents. If you complete the online application, you can edit your responses once you start.

Who is eligible to apply for funds from the Small Dollar Action Fund?

Applicants are resident-led neighborhood groups (Neighborhood Associations, Block Units, Tenant Associations, resident-led committees assembles as a part of a community development corporation and informal collectives (a group of at least 3
residents, all residing in the same neighborhood) who are active in the eligible areas. Neighborhood groups are led by resident volunteers who are residents of the area where the organization’s activities are focused.

Please note: all members of the group must be aware of the application and will be asked to verify their participation via email upon submission of the completed application.

This fund is not intended for churches, regionally-focused nonprofits or foundations, issue-based nonprofits or for profit businesses (ie: daycares, salons, restaurants etc.)

What types of activities are eligible for funding?

This fund is intended for activities that strengthen community, encourage connection and engagement among neighbors, and are ready to start within 90 days. Funded activities could include implementing neighborhood or block events, creating and sharing welcome kits, mailers, yard signs and other neighborhood pride swag, providing food and babysitting to attract folks to your community meeting, neighborhood beautification efforts like alley and street cleanups, among others.

This funding is not intended to fill gaps on large budget projects that have total budgets of more than $5,000. If you are unsure that your activity will be eligible for funding, reach out to us for more direct guidance. Funding is not intended for long-term programs that require extensive consulting, subcontracts or paid staffing. Examples of ineligible activities include semester-long after school programs, equipment for a regional youth sports team, purchasing personal property, and individual home improvement projects.

What geographic areas are eligible for funding?

The eligible funding areas are linked in this map and include:


Alta Sita
Carr Square
Castle Point

Claremont / Fairlawn
College Hill
Columbus Square
Country Club Hills
Covenant Blu-Grand Center

Flordell Hills

Fountain Park

Goose Hill / Emerson Park
Glasgow Village
Gravois Park
Hamilton Heights
Hanley Hills
Hyde Park
Jeff Vander Lou
Kingsway East
Kingsway West

Lansdowne / Rose Lake

Landsdowne West
Lewis Place

Marine Villa
Mark Twain
Moline Acres
North Normandy
North Point
Old North St. Louis
Pine Lawn
Southeast Ferguson

Southend / Franklin Park

Spanish Lake
St. Louis Place
Ville/Greater Ville
Uplands Park
Velda City
Velda Village Hills
Visitation Park
Walnut Park East
Walnut Park West

Wedgewood / Dayton
Wells Goodfellow
West End



What is an informal collective?

An informal collective is defined as at least 3 people who reside in the same neighborhood, will implement the funded activities and have the capacity (time, support, people) and ability to implement the activity. If you are unsure if you should apply as a collective, take a look at the STL Neighborhood Map and see who is active in your area that you can connect with.

Why are informal collectives included?

Not all neighborhoods have an organization, but may still want/need to mobilize action in their neighborhood. Including informal collectives creates a point of entry for everyday people to access funding for their neighborhood.

Can my organization receive multiple awards in a funding cycle?

No, your organization can only be awarded once per funding cycle and cannot be awarded for consecutive funding cycles. An organization or individual can only submit one application for consideration per cycle. This allows more neighborhoods and groups from across the region to access funding.

How much funding can I receive through this grant?

Your total funding request may not exceed $2,000.

Will I receive funding for the full amount listed on my budget?

We ask applicants to include a budget for their activities, the total request to Invest STL and any other sources of funding that are going toward your activities. It is possible you will not receive your full request based on the amount of applicants in a particular cycle, and the neighborhoods those applicants intend to serve. As funding cycles continue, we will prioritize neighborhoods and groups who have not received funding lately. Applicants are encouraged to collaborate their funding requests with other neighborhood groups in their neighborhood.

How will I receive funding?

You can receive funding in one of three ways:

Visa E-Gift Card, Plastic Visa Gift Card, or Check.

Visa E-Gift Card: The card will be emailed to you. You can use it immediately online to make purchases or to transfer the grant funds to Paypal, Venmo or your bank account.

Plastic Visa Gift Card: The card will be mailed to your preferred address.

Check: The check will be mailed to your preferred address.

After you receive your award notice, please allow 3-4 weeks to receive funding by the method you selected.

Will I have support in implementing my plan?

Applicants are expected to have the capacity to implement their activities. If you run into roadblocks or need assistance, please reach out to us at any time so we can help you navigate any issues and complete your activity. We will check-in with each awardee 45 days in to see how each effort is progressing. This is also a great time to request support or connections.

What if my plans change?

Stuff happens. If your plans change, reach out to us as soon as you can. Depending on the timing, we can work with you to shift or adjust your award period, adjust your award amount or adjust whatever else needs adjusting.

Will I have to report on my funded activities?

There will be a brief check-in 45 days into your award period to see how your effort is progressing and if any help is needed. We will reach out to you 30 days after the funding cycle to see how the effort went and capture learnings. This will take place by zoom, phone or email. We will also request to share any social media posts or images you capture from your activities.

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